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Running a business in the Caribbean is a lot of work.
Let us take over some of your web and social media burden.


You know you’re supposed to advertise online, blog regularly and post daily on social media. But you already have WAY more than enough to do. You could hire someone, sure. That’s often easier said than done. Especially in the VI.

We’d like to help. We’re building the most comprehensive, inclusive, people-powered directory and travel guide for the Virgin Islands. So we take things like SEO, content marketing, and social media seriously, staying current on the best (and worst) practices. It frequently changes!

Girls shopping at Sally's Boutique Cruz Bay St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands


Add Your Business to our Directory. Increase your online exposure.
Be part of the most inclusive directory and travel guide for the Virgin Islands.

  • Join for FREE with a Basic Ad. We just ask in return, that you share your free WTD-VI ad in one of the ways listed on our Sharing page. That’s it. Done deal – fair and share – no money, honey!
  • Buy a “Mini-Website” Listing + Blog & Social Media Love. Our fee of $660/year is great value for the interactive ad plus all the strategic blog and social media love we give you.
  • Add the listing yourself and edit it any time. Or send us your business info and we’ll do it for you.



Need more details first? Of course.
We’ve got ’em. Keep reading.

Friends. Let’s be clear.
This ain’t some silly little flat thing on newsprint.

Our listings are full-color,
multi-paged and interactive.
You can even embed video!

You get your very own detail page on that includes:

  • 20 photos, 2min video, 1000 word description
  • Links to your website and social media profiles
  • Social Media Sharing Buttons, Send to Friend links
  • Email Inquiry Link To Your Email
  • Google Map Integration

Your Mini Website listing is Displayed:

  • In our searchable Business Directory
  • On Rotating  Ads throughout WTD-VI
  • FIRST in Search Results
  • FIRST on Business Category pages

Also. One of our web marketing pros will:

  • Put together your Business Listing and make it awesome.
  • Promote your Special Events on our site and social media networks
  • Provide monthly analytics on the reach of your Special Events campaigns.
  • Create trackable Special Offers/Coupons for your business and promote them on our site and social media.
  • Write a WTD-VI blog post about your business or industry with links to your listing.
  • Link your business category from any and all relevant Visitor Info pages.
Parasailing around St Thomas.U. S. Virgin Islands

Here’s a chart to help you visualize all the goodies you get:

Listing Type

Basic Business Listing

Full Business Listing +
Blog & Social Media Love

Package Price Free w/Share $660/year
Images for Slideshow & Gallery Just 1 Up to 20
Up to 2 min Video Embed
Business or Event Description 400 words 1000 words
Google Maps Integration
Social Media Share Buttons
Email Inquiry Link
Email To Friend Link
Ratings & Reviews to Boost Business
Displayed in Searchable Directory
Displayed First in Directory
Searchable by
Category, Island, Distance
Displayed First in Search Results
Your Special Events Promoted on our Site and Social Media Networks
Monthly Analytics on the reach of your Special Events Campaigns.
(Social Media Love)
WTD-VI Blog Post about your business or industry with links to your listing.
Links from any and all relevant Visitor Info Pages to your Business Category.
Trackable Special Offers/Coupons for your Business with Promotion on our Site and Social Media.

Basic Business Listing

Full Business Listing
+ Social Media Love

Free w/Share $660
Renews Semi-Annually Renews Annually
Get Your Toes Wet Bring the Business!



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