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Hey there, fellow islander! Good to see you here.

Ever wish there was an authentic, up-to-date website that told you the fun stuff going on in the VI?

Us too.

That’s one of the reasons we built this website for our island community.

We also built it as a way for you to spread the word about your event or business.

Does your band have a weekly gig?

Do you have an art show coming up?

Maybe you’re throwing a fundraiser for a local cause?

Let us help you get the word out!

Free Advertising for Non Profits in the Virgin Islands

Looking for an easy way to increase web exposure for an island business?

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Find out more about our “mini-website” business listings.

Got nothing to advertise? That’s cool.
We still really want you here!

Your local knowledge is priceless to VI visitors and residents.

So…do you have a lot to share about how to experience the best of the VI?

We welcome you to comment your little heart out on any of our info pages or blog posts!

Have an idea for a blog post or want to write one yourself? Awesome. Click one of those big orange buttons to your right or down below and let us know what you have in mind.


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