St. Thomas Vacation Rentals:
Your Ultimate Guide

The neighborhoods of St. Thomas are as diverse as its population. Each area of the island has a unique personality, showing off different sides of the St. Thomian experience.

First, we’ll describe the various types of places to stay on St. Thomas. Then we’ll share the scoop on neighborhoods with accommodations available so you know what you can expect to rent and where.

Magens Bay St Thomas, USVI

Views of Magen’s Bay and Northside of St. Thomas from the Peterborg peninsula

St. Thomas Resorts, Hotels, Villas and other Vacation Rentals

If all-inclusive is your preferred method of travel, then you’ll want to choose St. Thomas as your destination island in the USVI. Compared to St. John, there are way more vacation rental options to choose from on St. Thomas and you’ll find that staying on the big rock costs less than its smaller, quieter neighbor.

The St. Thomas All-Inclusive

St. Thomas has one resort that is always 100% all-inclusive and that is Sugar Bay located on the East End of the island. All meals, drinks and most resort amenities are included with the room fee. Other resorts offer “all-inclusive deals” occasionally, which can be found on the resorts’ individual websites when available. At the moment, Sugar Bay is closed due to the 2017 hurricanes.

The St. Thomas Hotel

You have several hotels to choose from on St. Thomas from the bare bones budget inn, to well…the Ritz. And everything in between: traditional three (or so) star hotels, small B&B-style inns, quaint historical hotels with billion dollar views. Most have at least one pool. Some also have restaurants and bars on site. Several hotels are closed due to the 2017 hurricanes.
Magens Bay St Thomas, USVI

The St. Thomas Resort

A step up from the traditional hotel with more acreage and amenities, think tennis courts, multiple restaurants, spa & fitness facilities, on-site beach, water sport rentals, and a variety of room types on offer. There are several resorts on St. Thomas, including the Marriott on the South side of the island and the Ritz Carlton on the East End.  Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville recently opened in Smith Bay, which is also home to the USVI’s only all-inclusive resort. At the moment, the Marriott and the Ritz Carlton are closed due to Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria. When we have a reopening date, we will be sure to let you all know. In the meantime, there are still options for you…

The St. Thomas Villa

These private rental homes are all over St. Thomas and can range from modest to magnificent. They are often managed by a vacation rental company, but sometimes by just one or two people or even by the owner(s) themselves. Renting a villa on St. Thomas is an excellent way for multiple families to travel together and enjoy amenities like a private pool and a fully-equipped kitchen. They’re also great for couples looking for a small but well-appointed getaway with plenty of privacy.

The St. Thomas Vacation Rental By Owner

These aren’t quite fancy enough to be called a villa, either because they’re really more of a cottage, a lower-level apartment, a studio or even just a bedroom with private bath. These St. Thomas vacation rentals can often be found on Craigslist, VRBO or Airbnb and have a varying level of amenities. They’re great for the budget traveler and are popping up more all the time in the Virgin Islands.

The St. Thomas Vacation Condo

These are privately-owned by folks who usually live off island but travel to St. Thomas several times a year and rent their condos out to others when they’re not on island. Vacation condos on St. Thomas come in many different varieties and can be found in Charlotte Amalie, beachside on the South shore, at several spots on the East End, and even on a Northside golf course. They are usually within a condo community consisting of several buildings and offering amenities like swimming pools, sporting facilities, dining, or even a beach. Condos usually have full kitchens so that you can save some moolah and calories by cooking some meals for yourself.

The St. Thomas Sailboat or Yacht Rental

Maybe you like the idea of staying offshore during your St. Thomas vacation. If that’s the case, you have tons of options for staying on a sailboat (mono-hull or catamaran) or yacht. Depending on the level of amenities you seek, these can run from the price point of a mid-range villa (2xx-5xx/night) to that of a luxury villa (6xx/night +).

St. Thomas Vacation Rental Options by Neighborhood

Does your budget allow you to rent a vehicle during your stay? If not, you’ll want to stay in a neighborhood with easy access to a Safari bus stop or where taxi drivers can reach you without difficulty.

Bus and taxi-friendly areas are indicated below. You will also find our Guide to Getting Around St. Thomas helpful.

We’ll start at Cyril E. King airport and move counter-clockwise around the island until we return once again to Charlotte Amalie West and hop over to Water Island.

Buckle up! We’re sure to get pulled over if you don’t.

St. Thomas Vacation Rental Neighborhoods

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The St. Thomas Waterfront:


The South Side of St. Thomas


The East End of St. Thomas


St. Thomas’ Northside


The West End of St. Thomas:


Water Island


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