St. John Vacation Rentals:
Your Ultimate Guide

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St. John is a small island but there is no lack of variety when it comes to neighborhoods with distinct personalities and the types of vacation rentals available in each of them.

We’ll start by defining the different types of lodging available before moving into a catalog of the different neighborhoods on St. John. We’ll share the pro’s and con’s of staying in each area, and the type of accommodation you can expect to find therein.

Maybe you prefer to hang your skivvies out somewhere with a bit more privacy?

St. John Resorts, Hotels, Villas and other Vacation Rentals

One type of vacation accommodation St. John does not have is the all-inclusive resort. Our condolences for those of you who like to travel in such fashion, but we believe the lack of all-inclusive offerings on St. John encourages more exploration of all that this special island has to offer.

The St. John Hotel

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The St. John Resort

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The St. John Villa

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One of our favorite villa rentals by owner, Villa Equinox in Fish Bay is great for multiple couples or families.

One of our favorite villa rentals by owner, Villa Equinox in Fish Bay.

The St. John Vacation Rental By Owner

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The St. John Vacation Condo

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Outdoor bathroom. Elegant Camping?

The St. John Shacteau

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The St. John Eco-Tent

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The St. John Camping Experience

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St. John Vacation Rental Options by Neighborhood

In order to help you narrow down where you might like to stay, it will help to know if you have room in your budget to rent a vehicle. Some areas of St. John are simply impossible to stay on without access to wheels of your own. Although some locals do rough it like that, we wouldn’t recommend it to anyone on vacation. Even if you do fancy yourself a rugged traveler.

If you decide to skip the vehicle rental, you’ll want to stay in one of the areas that are near to bus and taxi access, indicated below. We also recommend our Guide to Getting Around St. John.

We’ll start at the ferry dock and move outward.
Buckle your seatbelt, please. We don’t want to get a ticket.



St. John Neighborhood: Cruz Bay, heart


St. John Neighborhood: Cruz Bay, extended to include Frank Bay, Enighed, Bethany and Pastory


One of the many views from Cruz Bay toward St. Thomas.

St. John Neighborhood: Catherineburg


St. John Neighborhood: Great Cruz Bay / Chocolate Hole / Hart Bay


St. John Neighborhood: Rendezvous / Klein / Fish Bays

View to the South over Fish Bay

View to the South over Fish Bay

St. John Neighborhood: Gifft Hill


St. John Neighborhood: North Shore


St. John Neighborhood:  Bourdeaux/Carolina


St. John Neighborhood:  Coral Bay


St. John Neighborhood:  Calabash Boom / John’s Folly / Salt Pond

On top of Ram Head looking back toward Salt Pond Bay and Concordia (that cluster of white buildings)

On top of Ram Head looking back toward Salt Pond Bay and Concordia (that cluster of buildings)

St. John Neighborhood:  East End


View from East End toward Norman Island and the rest of the BVI’s beyond


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