The Gifft Hill School, St.John

    Private School offers free tuition to all on the tiny hurricane ravaged island of St.John. Without a school, parents can’t get back to the important work of rebuilding the island’s infrastructure. Read this heartfelt article on this tiny private school’s brave decision to be the first to open its doors to ALL children for free. The Gifft Hill School on St.John offers the island’s only pre-school to high school and they need your help to keep their doors open. Please consider making a donation. https://www.giffthillschool.org/support_donate.html Private School Needs Help to Cover Free Hurricane Tuitions www.giffthillschool.org www.facebook.com/giffthillschool https://www.instagram.com/giffthillschool/ https://twitter.com/GifftHillSchool  


    US Virgin Islands Irma & Maria Fund – GO FUND ME

    Partnered VI Non-Profits include: My Brother’s Workshop & Cafe St. Thomas Reformed Church YoungLife Unlike the mainland US, we have an already weak infrastructure on our tiny islands so residents will be largely on their own for survival and clean up efforts.   Residents were advised to prepare to be without power for 4 – 6 months.  After Irma this advisory was updated to 6-9 months without power. The plan will be to continue landing shipments of needed supplies to the island : Water Purification Systems Medical Supplies Non-Perishable Food & Water Tarps, Staple Guns, Plywood, Sleeping Mats Cleaning Products Please donate what you can to help support the people of the VI.  We will be frugal and put your money to work to get through survival mode and into rebuild mode. “American’s Paradise” will be back on it’s feet as quick as we can and will welcome you with open arms during your next vacation!

  • Junior Achievement

    Junior Achievement (JA) Worldwide is the world’s largest organization dedicated to helping young people understand the economics of life and the Free Enterprise System. Since 1919, JA has worked in partnership with the private sector and educators in fulfilling its mission and vision. JA Worldwide works in over 119 countries with over 8 million students, to change the way our next generation of leaders looks at their role in the world. Junior Achievement Americas started in 1975 and has grown to over 964,024 students in over 8,000 schools in Canada, Mexico, Latin America, and the Caribbean. This success is a direct result of strategic partnerships with more than 1,044 private sector companies who have dedicated 36,019 volunteers to share their experiences with and to serve as mentors to the region’s future leaders. The purpose of the U. S. Virgin Islands Chapter of Junior Achievement International is to provide and facilitate responsive initiatives and programs that are designed to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a local and global economy through interaction with mentors, the business community, and other stakeholders. Junior Achievement of the Virgin Islands (JAVI) was initially incorporated in 1993 by a group of organizers led by Tom Bolt and Valerie George; but was later dissolved. In July 2008 a group led by Julito Francis revived JAVI and obtained approval from the prior group to keep the name JAVI JAVI held its first official meeting in July 2008, electing Cheryl Francis as the President. Pastor Themba was named the Acting Executive Director. JAVI partnered with the Department of Education and obtained approval to begin the program in the public schools February 2009, the pilot program, Economics for Success began in the middle schools. In the 2008/2009 school year, JAVI reached out to 20 classes with a total of approximately 400 students at the Cancryn School on St. Thomas and the Elena Christian School on St. Croix; Julius E. Sprauve school was started but not completed. Albert Bryan Jr. is the Executive Director for Junior Achievement of the Virgin Islands and he oversees operations and fundraising for this wonderful program. He is the former Commissioner of Labor in the Virgin Islands. He has been a member of the Economic Development Authority Board, Port Authority Board and the Workforce Investment Board for 8 years

  • VI Marine Rebuild Fund – (CFVI) umbrella

    Virgin Islands Marine Rebuild Fund Looking beyond survival mode, the Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands (CFVI) has established the “Marine Rebuild Fund” which is a 501(c)(3) . The fund was started with $15,000 from US Virgin Islands Irma & Maria GoFundMe. All monies will be used to boost employment for virgin islanders by forming a network of local contractors to help clean up current cruising grounds (bays, beaches, marinas), identify growth opportunities in the marine industry and work with the local university & high schools to create vocational programs to track young virgin islanders into the marine industry. Why focus on the marine industry at a time like this? Large hotels are projecting 12 month rebuild timelines — yachts can begin work in a much shorter timeframe as long as we clean up the cruising grounds. The hope is that the yachting industry can restart and provide some income/ stability during an otherwise economically sluggish time.

  • St. Croix Animal Welfare Center

    The St. Croix Animal Welfare Center was destroyed in Hurricane Maria. Please help rebuild! After helping the other islands and animals of the Caribbean with supplies and veterinarian services post Hurricane Irma, the St.Croix Animal Welfare Center (SCAWC) was decimated by Hurricane Maria.  The animals in the shelter had flown to the states with less than 36 hours earlier, so there were no fatalities, thankfully.  However, the SCAWC is the ONLY shelter for animals on St.Croix and clearly will not be able to serve that function.  We are working on an emergency interim solution for that, but need help to REBUILD a new shelter that will be able to better care for our island animals. All of the money from this funding project will go to support dog, cat and even equine care and education.  PLEASE help us!  In the past two years we have turned the shelter into a place where lives are spared and animals find homes.  The medical clinic we just built is still intact and only has minor damage, so if we can SHELTER the animals we can make them whole.  If you need more details, can offer us products or services, or can help promote us…please message me privately.  Our motto: “Their lives are in our hands” has never been more meaningful.

  • Humane Society of St. Thomas

    Calling ALL Volunteers: PLEASE SHARE We are in need of Volunteers to help clean the shelter and the Shelter grounds. As you know this will take a while and it takes a village. Thank you so much for what everyone has done so far, you make our work possible and help us save lives!  #vistrong #donforget #ittakesavillage #pleaseshare.

  • International Fund for Animal Welfare

    Founded in 1969, the International Fund for Animal Welfare saves individual animals, animal populations and habitats all over the world. With projects in more than 40 countries, IFAW provides hands-on assistance to animals in need, whether it’s dogs and cats, wildlife and livestock, or rescuing animals in the wake of disasters. When animals need our help, we can’t say no. But right now, our disaster response budget is stretched thin and we’re running out of money. Please give now to help us continue to save animals from disasters like Hurricane Irma and Maria. By giving a monthly gift, you can help us react at a moment’s notice. Simply choose the “Make an automatic monthly payment” option.

  • St. John Animal Care Center

    Hello to all of our friends and fans. This update is coming to you on behalf of the ACC and Board of Directors members that are in communication with Ryan and shelter staff. All is ok at the shelter with the animals at the ACC post-Hurricane Maria. As mentioned, IFAW was on St. John before Hurricane Maria and an assessment has been done on the plan for moving animals from St. John to the States They are working closely with FEMA and the USDA to ensure that the evacuation process is in compliance. We will keep you updated on these details as they are worked out

  • (VOAD) Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster

    Residents of the islands have provided and continue to provide some of the most needed and informed help. They know what to do because their community is directly affected. Local restaurants provide meals and brown bag lunches. Charter companies donate boats and crew to deliver supplies and evacuate those who need to leave. Those with shelter host their homeless neighbors. Friend and family are on the phone day and night to get government officials to act and to get the press to report. In time, those skilled in construction and infrastructure will rebuild. Once the islands are stabilized, more independent volunteers and workers will be welcomed. Many hands are needed to rebuild devastated areas. Volunteers, you will be contacted once public officials and disaster relief organizations have had an opportunity to assess the damage and identify what the specific needs are.

  • United Way USVI

    Thank you for your continued support of the United Way of the US Virgin Islands as we recover from the effects of Hurricane Irma and Maria. Your contribution will help those in need in the Virgin Islands.

  • Tim Duncan VI Relief

    Who is Tim Duncan? Timothy Theodore Duncan is an American retired professional basketball player who played his entire 19-year career with the San Antonio Spurs of the National Basketball Association. “I was 13 years old when Hurricane Hugo ripped through my hometown in the Virgin Islands and had my life and community forever changed.  I know exactly what kind of devastation a hurricane of this magnitude can cause and want to do all I can to aid in the relief efforts for the Islanders. With your help, I will match financial donations up to $1,000,000 for relief efforts in the US Virgin Islands. In addition, I am also hoping to raise an additional $1,000,000 for relief supplies for this area.”

  • Art for Love City

    Carly is a passionate, hopeful and budding young artist. Self-taught, she began her art career by painting photographs of people. By focusing on the intimate features and details that tell the stories of others. This time, Carly is taking to the canvas to help her friends and family in St. John (U.S. Virgin Islands), a place she’s long visited and had been working with wedding and lifestyle photographer Anne Bequette of STJ Creative Photography. The recent calamities caused by Hurricane Irma have left her loved ones without homes, material possessions and basic human needs. Many are stranded, with no power, limited supplies, and only their strength and endurance to get through what can only be described as “utter devastation”. For the next month, ALL proceeds from the sale of Carly’s paintings and donation made on her site go directly to Kenny Chesney’s Love For Love City Foundation.

  • Virgin Islands Relief

    Virgin Islands Relief Fund Inc. is organized exclusively for charitable purposes including the acceptance and distribution of donated funds and goods to the people of the Virgin Islands affected by hurricanes Irma, and Maria.

  • American Red Cross for Irma and Maria Relief

    The American Red Cross was even quicker to act. On-site relief was in place in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands before Hurricane Irma even made landfall. After Maria, additional resources were deployed to provide shelter, food and medical care to those displaced and injured by both Maria and Irma. On the U.S. Virgin Islands, more than 620 people were served by 7 Red Cross evacuation shelters; in Puerto Rico, 11,370 people were served in 173 evacuation shelters.

  • Global DIRT

    Global DIRT was first on-site after Irma. The private volunteers preceded the military by at least 24 hours and were conducting house-to-house checks and providing water, medical care, satellite phone calls, and transportation long before the first choppers began to arrive. D.I.R.T. stands for Disaster Immediate Response Team and no words could be truer.

  • Cane Bay Cares

    Your urgent help is needed. St. Croix and the U.S. Virgin Islands have been devastated from two strong hurricanes. The people are suffering and there is much work to do in order rebuild the island. In order to help, Cane Bay Cares is proud to announce that we have partnered with Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands to launch a $1 million dollar fundraising campaign to benefit St. Croix!

  • My Brother’s Workshop

    My Brother’s Workshop has been organized to provide hope, faith, and purpose to at-risk and high-risk young people in the USVI by offering mentoring, counseling, paid job training, education, and job placement. These efforts are being made in association with other local and national groups functioning with purposes consistent with those listed below. The program focuses on youth, both male and female, ages 16-24 who have dropped out of school, are marginally literate, and live in poverty or are homeless.  Many of these individuals have been involved in gang or gang-related activities or/and have a juvenile criminal record.

  • Family Resource Center

    Please support the people of the Virgin Islands during this difficult time. The Family Resource Center has been distributing relief supplies with the help of friends in Puerto Rico, barges and private boats, truck drivers, senators, students, volunteers and just hard working Virgin Islanders who are dedicated above all to each other. Family Resource Center is a recovery destination on St. Thomas and we will be accepting care packages through the mail, checks and online donations. You can send us mail to 2317 Commandant Gade, St. Thomas, VI 00802.

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