The Power of Sharing

We all know that “sharing” works.

Here in the VI we rely heavily on our community to support the things we are passionate about. That’s why we spend so much time, effort and often money on sharing what we are doing with our online community.

“We’ll share yours, if you’ll share yours.”

Confused? Let us explain…
We built this web site as a hub for our community to share and exchange ideas, information, events, businesses and passion projects! We invite you to participate for FREE. All we ask in return is that you share your WTD-VI listings with your online communities in the ways you already do. Simple, yes. Here’s the best part, when you share your listings, we’ll share your listings too.

Because, it works best when we all share.

We take things like marketing and SEO seriously…we post, tweet, blog and advertise events, blogs and stories throughout our site and on social media platforms.

Here’s the exciting part, our community is growing and expanding every minute and that means there are more eyeballs (traffic) looking at our stuff and that means YOUR stuff! More eyeballs, means a bigger turn out for your event, promotion or opening day.

How much more successful would your passion projects be if your audience was bigger and more people knew about what you were doing?

This is the power of sharing and it’s easy. Just like we’re taught in kindergarten, when we all share, we all win!

That’s it.

Done deal – fair and share – no money, honey!


Share the LOVE by sharing your listing in one of the ways listed here.


Share your Business or Event Listing with Facebook friends and/or followers.

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Ask friends in your island community to leave a rating and review on your listing.

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Add a link to to your website or email footer.


Share a post from our Facebook page or VI Insider blog with your Facebook friends and/or fans.

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Write For Us. Share your priceless local knowledge with the world.

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Have a different idea? Hey, we’re open to new stuff.
Drop us a line, and let us know what you have in mind.


Access and share your People-Powered Guide to the VI at home or on the go. It's EASY, FAST & FREE. Just how we like it.

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