Kareso Studio

    Business Hours: Open Tues - Thurs 1:00-5:00pm and Friday and Sunday by appointment.

    Kareso Studio Acclaimed Virgin Island’s  artist Karen Samuel showcases her island-style folk art in a variety of mediums at her new gallery and gift shop Kareso Studio, located at Estate Eden, on the Coral Bay side of St.John.  The studio is filled with the artist’s original prints, paintings, tapestries, quilts, crafts, homemade preserves, local drinks and one of a kind hand made fashion line. In her fine art, Samuel utilizes a variety of media, including oils, graphite, pastels, and watercolor, to render the landscape and culture of her native home. Her work is found in several local, regional, and international collections and available for purchase at Kareso Studio, Bajo el Sol Gallery in Mongoose Junction, and That’s the Spirit, at Tortola’s Pier Park. She is the recipient of the Governor’s Excellence in the Arts award; the territory’s highest award for artists. Get an insider view of Virgin Island’s artist Karen Samuel in this in

  • Island Muse Boutique

    Island Muse Boutique is a Local Creative Collective showcasing the unique, handmade work of dozens of local, Caribbean artists who are inspired by the amazing island environment around us (including many of St. John’s favorite, local artists). The shop, located in the heart of Coral Bay, is a unique blend of art gallery and souvenir shop. Island Muse Boutique was opened in 2015 by a group of St. John ladies who wanted to make beautiful, handcrafted island inspired art and promote a healthy lifestyle. *Across from Skinny Legs (2nd floor in the Town&Country building) Coral Bay, United States

  • Sloop Jones

    Sloop Jones Hand Painted Clothes When we say that all of our wearable art is hand-painted in small batches in our garden studio, we really mean it. Also, we are a very small team. This is a mass-production free zone. It’s part of what makes Sloop Jones so charming! Because of our tiny operation, we don’t always have every collection in stock in every size. And we can have something in one day, and our customers on island will sell us out of it the next. If you see a color collection you like, but don’t find it in the style you’re looking for, please just get in touch with us. We’ll either put it on the painting schedule or find something similar to suit you.