Full Moon Sound Bath

Full Moon Sound Bath


March 8


06:00 pm

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Saje Sanctuary

5332 Yacht Haven Grande

Charlotte Amalie, US Virgin Islands, US Virgin Islands, 00802

Join us for the first FULL MOON 🌕 sound bath at Saje Sanctuary ON Sunday March 8th at 6pm!

•$20.00 donation
•Wear comfortable loose clothing
•Bring a yoga mat, blanket, pillow- whatever you
may need to be at your most comfy!

Immerse yourself in a meditative sound experience utilizing crystal singing bowls, chimes, bells, didgeridoo and more!

Check out our website link to find out more about Sound Baths

March’s Full Moon, called the Full Worm Moon, reaches peak fullness on Monday, March 9.
This full Moon will also be the first of three supermoons in 2020—

On March 8, just before the Full Moon, there will be a surge of creative energy flowing through the cosmos. While this creative energy can be inspiring, it may also stir up some deeper emotions that need to be cleansed and released. We can do this through the meditative experience of a sound bath!

This Full Moon will be illuminating and may help to uncover some new truths or realizations. We have to trust our intuition and instincts,
We may also find our dreams heightened and our psychic senses more sensitive. We may also find it easier to visualize and manifest our plans into reality.

Following the Full Moon, Mercury goes direct on the March 10th. THANK GODDESS!!

At the end of the retrograde, we can start to take what we have learned from our inner world and start to apply it to our outer world.

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